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Sterling Forest

Sterling Forest #photography #hiking


Well, hello there, Internet. I’ve been neglecting you lately, but as the temperature grows warmer, I will venture from my couch more often. But on Thursday we went to Sterling Forest in Tuxedo, NY and I brought along my new Canon 6D. It was the first day of Spring and the air was warmer, but it still held onto winter’s chill. The water was frozen and snow still blanketed the ground but it felt…

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Frozen Niagara

Frozen Niagara #NiagaraFalls #Photography


With all of Niagara Fall’s awe-inspiring power, all it took was a little polar vortex to bring it to a halt (briefly). As the mighty falls froze and everyone dreamed of warmer weather, I drove 6 hours north with Kim, over the Canadian border to see the…

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From My Trip to #Canada #Niagara Falls #TravelView Post

From My Trip to #Canada #Niagara Falls #Travel

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Sandy Hook, NJ

Sandy Hook, NJ #polarvortex #winter #photography #ice #beach

I’m sure by now the term Polar Vortex has been drilled into your head, but if you didn’t experience it, all that means is that it got really freaking cold. Normally, that would make me want to stay indoors and watch Netflix all day, but it got so cold…

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Niagara Falls

Some shots from today. Much, much more coming soonView Post

Niagara Falls

Some shots from today. Much, much more coming soon

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