Oh, Beauty is a Beguiling Call to Death

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Looking for something to do this summer and never been to Philly? Go for it. I just don’t recommend waking up at 4am to do so. That might just result in you sitting in a booth at ihop for a couple hours and you run the chance of napping on a park bench until it’s a normal hour of day.  But with good weather and good company we got our bearings and began to walk around the city.

Having never been to the city aside from a couple brief stops, we decided to explore the historic district. Most of the day I was shooting a roll of 35mm film which will be developed soon, and by the time I used that up we were at Elfreth’s Alley, the country’s oldest continuously inhabited street. A row of brick buildings ornamented with brightly colored doors and windows.


From there we continued to stroll down the city blocks a not really knowing where we were headed, but growing hungry and the lack of sleep catching back up with us.


After regaining a bit of energy we headed over to the waterfront before calling it a day, overheated and exhausted.

4am Drive to #Philly Looking for something to do this summer and never been to Philly? Go for it. I just don’t recommend waking up at 4am to do so.

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From My Trip to #Canada #Niagara Falls #Travel

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